Big Data

Techpillars combines proprietary analysis, data engineering, data warehousing, and other tools with unique open-source development technologies to help their clients achieve business success.

With our unique approach to the development process, Tech Pillar’s Big Data team members solve complex Big Data problems both quickly and affordably.

In doing so, our consultants make use of best-of-breed, open-source Hadoop components, as well as utilize both pre-engineered and pre-tested architectures.

The resulting solutions are fully turnkey, encompassing everything from Data Science, System Design, and System Deployment, to System Support. Our teams work entirely on-premise, and, depending on the client’s requirements, build either cloud or hybrid versions of their applications.

In addition to our innovative processes, Techpillars builds upon our in-depth knowledge that spans multiple domains, including Security, Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecom, Digital Marketing, and Retail.


Techpillar’s Big Data consultants have expertise in several high level Use-Cases. These include:

  • Big Data Exploration – Data Science
    Find, visualize, and understand all Big Data to improve decision-making.

  • Enhance 360° View of the Customer
    Extend existing cutomer views (MDM, CRM, etc.), by using additional internal and external information sources.

  • Operations Analysis – Predictive Modeling
    Analyze a collection of machine data to improve business results.

  • Data Warehouse Augmentation
    Integrate Big Data and Data Warehouse to improve efficiency.

  • Security/Intelligence Extension
    Lower risk, detect fraud, and monitor Cybersecurity in real-time.

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