Healthcare Information Technology

Techpillars is truly a pioneer in providing healthcare solutions & services for its healthcare customers around the globe.

Techpillars is pioneer in providing healthcare solution & services for its healthcare customers worldwide. It has deep expertise in product engineering services, which enables the healthcare solution providers and ISVs to develop products and solutions rapidly to meet their customer’s organizational business needs as well as adapt to the changing healthcare needs.

Techpillars HIT offerings for healthcare products include:

  • Allergy & Immunology EMR
  • Cardiology EMRCardiology EMR
  • Dermatology EMRDermatology EMR
  • Endocrinology EMREndocrinology EMR
  • Ear, Nose, Throat EMREar, Nose, Throat EMR
  • Family Practice EMRFamily Practice EMR
  • General Surgery EMRGeneral Surgery EMR
  • Geriatrics EMRGeriatrics EMR
  • Gynecology EMRGynecology EMR
  • Internal Medicine EMRInternal Medicine EMR
  • Neurology EMRNeurology EMR
  • Orthopedics EMROrthopedics EMR
  • Osteopathic Medicine EMROsteopathic Medicine EMR
  • Pain Management EMRPain Management EMR
  • Pediatrics EMRPediatrics EMR
  • Podiatry EMRPodiatry EMR
  • Psychiatry EMRPsychiatry EMR
  • Pulmonary EMRPulmonary EMR
  • Rheumatology EMRRheumatology EMR
  • Urology EMRUrology EMR

Our record of successful solutions stems from our deep understanding of clinical, financial and administrative processes, along with our innovative and cost effective approach.

We leverage the latest tools and technologies, collaborative development methodologies and robust quality framework for core product support, development, maintenance, testing, re-engineering & migrations to newer technologies.

A Premium IT Solutions Company

With workforce talent in software engineering and subject matter expertise to evolve products and technology solutions in a broad range of business applications.

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Contract Vehicle: GSA IT Schedule 70

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