Inventory/WMS & VMI

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a flexible, configurable, and robust real-time solution for managing inventory, orders, etc.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) by Techpillars is flexible, configurable, and robust real-time solution for managing inventory, orders, workflow, and achieving ultimate performance. The highly configurable administrative features empower you to create and manage multiple sites and warehouses, monitor and maintain vehicle inventory, design regions and optimum transportation routes, maintain vendor profiles, and establish your own unique hierarchy of products, parts, and materials.

General Functions

  • Fully Functional CRM Included / third party CRM compatible
  • Complete Activity Date / Time / User Historical Tracking
  • Sort Work by User Queue / Task List
  • Vendor Profile Management
  • Exception based Alerts
  • Client Specific Labeling
  • Comprehensive and Configurable Security Controls / Roles/ Permissions / Access Rights

Create templates to manage truck stock. Utilize the powerful group functions for pallet, container, Gaylord, and bin inventory and moves for speed and efficiency. Hard-allocation of orders to location assures accuracy and immediately identifies manual discrepancies. Cycle Counts maintain consistency and alleviate the frequency of expensive physical inventories.

The Techpillars Warehouse Management Systems boasts a state-of-the-art queue-based workflow management system that creates real-time updated task-lists for optimum user performance and resource utilization. The unique queue-based approach assigns action items based on activity so each user has visibility to dynamically updated assignments. Each queue contains built-in filter and sorting utilities that can export to print, PDF, Word ®, or Excel ® for Ad Hoc reports on-demand. Identify and resolve delays or discrepancies in real-time as issues arise, not after the fact.

Vendor Profile Management and flexible warehouse management support a combination of procurement methods, including direct sourcing and Vendor Managed Inventory. Integration with suppliers enables real-time price and availability comparison. Real-time status tracking enables inventory allocation for maximum utilization and cost valuation. Tracking and disposition controls manage returns, core credits, and compensation, as well as identifying human process delays or discrepancies. Detailed historical tracking by date / time, event, user, and financial transaction ensure accurate reporting with complimentary output to several financial packages.

Key Benefits

Extend you ROI with Highly Configurable Feature Rich Administration Menus. Add and manage regions, warehouses, locations, groups, and users. Create and manage hierarchy of products, as well as itemized master list of attributes for goods. Manage products, parts, and materials by configurable units of measure (quantity or weight), as well as user defined hierarchy attributes.

Work Direction and Event Driven Queue-based management platform provides each user with configurable task-list of real-time updated activities / action items to perform. This increases labor productivity and maximizes utilization of resources.

Ad Hoc reporting based on real-time queue-based workflow and inventory management enables prompt identification of discrepancies or delays to generate real-time visibility and resolution. Ad Hoc reports are consistent and familiar. Real-time visibility eliminates the need for research to resolve post-issue.

Decrease Order Processing Time and increase order accuracy. Boost perfect order rates and virtually eliminate put away and picking errors. Reduce direct operating costs and increase overall revenue Improve inventory management and accuracy with real-time visibility and hard-allocation of orders to locations. Increase inventory utilization with end-to-end status visibility from arrival, receipt, confirmation, put-away, allocation, shipping, and transportation. Reduce Shipping errors and improve performance with transaction-based documents on-demand. System Directed Activities, Work Flow Management, and Task Sequencing improve the use of human and warehouse resources. Queue based process management.

Supports Vendor Management Inventory (VMI), Direct, and multiple Procurement Methods. Configurable individual User Access Controls, Roles Management, Operational Parameters, and Permissions for Security. Compatible integration by real time Web Services, XML, FTP with 3PL operations, vendors, suppliers, and clients for order processing, purchasing, sales, pricing, availability, and transaction management.

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