Quality Assurance & Testing

Our testing services help companies optimize their IT and business quality management and testing capabilities.

As competition in the software and hardware development arena intensifies, it becomes critical to deliver products that are virtually error-free. We have extensive experience and expertise in the following types of testing and offer 100% test guarantee.

Techpillars independent testing practices offer a wide range of a standalone and web application testing services, from independent software QA consulting to business solutions testing.

Our testing services are designed to help companies optimize their IT and business quality management and testing capabilities. Our complete focus on quality management and testing combined with deep expertise in the product development lifecycle enables us to provide practical services that enhance the way you build systems.

We have vast experience and expertise in the following types of testing services.

Performance Testing

We believe that performance testing services should begin early in the product development life cycle, in order to address performance related requirements and also for functional enhancements. Our testing professionals has rich experience in performance engineering tools.

By focusing on analysis, monitoring, identifying bottle necks and proving recommendations, we reduce the risks of performance failure for new or enhanced applications.

Our performance testing service elements include:

  • Load and Stress Testing
  • Spike and Synchronization Testing
  • Failover and Resilience Testing
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Performance Diagnostics Testing
  • Performance Tuning
  • Penetration & Vulnerability Testing
  • Soak and Reliability Testing
  • Network Bandwidth Verification
  • Application Performance Monitoring

Functionality Testing

Functional testing is the most widely accepted testing practice in software development life cycle. Without a well-defined and implemented "best" practice, functional testing will continue to be practiced incorrectly and suffer inaccurate or, at best, incomplete results. To reach this goal requires that a tool be supported by a well-defined practice for its use and be integrated into an organization's software development process.

We provide end-to-end functional testing services for product companies and Independent software vendors (ISVs) including Module, Integration and System Testing.

Our functional testing provides ROI to the companies by:

  • Identifying defects earlier in the Software development process
  • Offering quick, efficient testing through global resources, automation tools, and experienced professionals.
  • Developing repeatable test plans enables to spend less time and money on testing process.
  • Eliminating testing cycles, leading to reduced overall product testing costs.

Compatibility Testing

Our Compatibility Testing services test the functionality and performance of an application across multiple OS/Platform configurations. Our Compatibility testing service typically uncovers compatibility issues with operating systems, other software applications, and hardware components.

Our typical compatibility test services on:

  • Various hardware configurations
  • Different Operating Systems / Platforms
  • Various network environments
  • Various computer peripherals (Printers, zip drives, USBs, etc.)
  • Various third-party software (Browsers, Firewalls, Network, multimedia plug-ins and so on)

White Box Testing

Our White Box testing services improves the testability of an application by making testing more effective and efficient as well as enabling the process of testing that is seamlessly integrated with the process of product development, resulting in the reduction of overall development time.

Our White Box Testing services include:

  • Code coverage
  • Path coverage
  • Code analysis

Security Testing

In today's networked business environment, People access many business applications over public networks. These applications contain confidential business information, which needs to be protected from unauthorized and unauthenticated access.

Our security testing service extensively tests your application for possible security loopholes to ensure application is secured against the security threats.

Our security testing services include:

  • Application vulnerability assessment
  • Risk identification

Product Testing

Our Independent Product Testing Practice offers a complete range of testing services to various clients across the globe. Our Product testing services not only reduces the risk of business losses, but also enhances the overall quality of the product significantly.

We pride ourselves as a reliable partner for all product testing requirements and ensure thorough and intelligent testing of the product.

We consistently deliver superior results to our customers resulting in the following benefits:

  • Shorten product release cycles
  • Improved product quality
  • Minimize cost of testing and QA efforts
  • Established superiority over competition
  • Enables faster time-to-market
  • Enables faster response to market demands
  • Improved customer satisfaction

User Acceptance Testing

Our domain knowledge has led us to work with our Clients, right from the Requirement Definition stage and to implementation and manage the user acceptance testing process.

Some of the areas within user acceptance testing that we can provide specialist testing expertise are:

  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Localization
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Regression
  • Automation

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