Recycling & Reverse Logistics

The highly configurable admin tools allow the recycler to utilize an evolving public library of common inventory management settings.

The Techpillars solution enables each company to manage internal operations, warehouse management, fleet and dispatch, contacts, orders, shipments, and forms. The highly configurable recycler software administrative tools allow the recycler to utilize an evolving public library of common inventory management settings, or configure to add, edit, and manage a user-defined hierarchy of products, parts, and materials.

Key Features

  • Integrated CRM Features
  • Event Management
  • Order Entry
  • Dispatch and Route Optimization
  • Receiving Process
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Configurable Inventory Management System
  • Create and Manage Products
  • Create and Manage Parts
  • Create and Manage Materials
  • Data mapping
  • Outbound Orders / Shipping
  • Forms
  • Finance
  • Administrative Functions
  • Dashboards

Inventory settings include the ability to define category, product type, and models. Inventory settings include the options to track by quantity count, weight, or combination. Identify and track original source, internal status, and downstream. Track and manage workflow at every step in your operations with real time date / time by user and administrative settings to identify exceptions or delays in the process.

Improve internal productivity with real time visibility and accuracy. Automate common processes to empower your personnel. Connect and collaborate in real time electronic transactions and validate physical receipts, inventory, and shipments to avoid costly discrepancies. This small investment pays for itself in the first month, and then helps you track rising revenue with bigger profits.

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