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Techpillars has adopted mesh network architecture, which makes the wireless network a continuous and affordable broadband connection.

Techpillars has adopted mesh network architecture, which makes the wireless network a continuous one and deliver high mobility, high speed, highly secure and affordable wireless broadband connectivity. Popularly called as the metro Wi-Fi, Techpillars has adopted a business model similar to the mobile telephony network.

Unlike hotspots spots where wireless transmission equipments are fitted to provide wireless connectivity to a small area around it metro Wi-Fi will cover most parts of the city contiguously. The company plans to retail network subscription to individual users on an advance rental basis.

How about staying seamlessly connected wherever you go? With Wi5, stay connected - be it in office, on the move or at home wirelessly! No need to attach clumsy wires or additional devices to your PC / Laptop. Isn't that sheer convenience!

Recall those times when you were on the move but unable to stay connected. With Wi5 you can stay connected even on the move. Browse and email in the. And that's not all, our coverage will not be limited to the big cities, but will extend into tier 2 and tier 3 towns as well. Now that's what we call true and complete mobility!

In addition to complete mobility and convenience, Wi5 claims and delivers up to 3 times faster downloads than conventional broadband. Now that's true remote control! We mean, you can be in a remote location and still be well in control of the situation at home or office.

High convenience and higher benefits DON'T come with a higher price tag! The smart Wi5 technology makes it possible for us to offer you superior connectivity at a lower tariff than conventional broadband.

Wi5 access is restricted and well protected. Registered users first login to the Wi5 website that automatically recognizes the owner's network address and account information. The in-built web tools are protected with a login screen (username and password) so that only the rightful owners use it.

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